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Vintage Jesus


Vintage Jesus is a 12 part sermon series from Mars Hill church that asks the question “Who is Jesus?”. The series explores the issues of who he is from what people say about him and also what he says about himself. This is a great series to listen to, to hear a clear and biblical view of who this man is and the implications it has on life in general, and more specifically life for you and I.

I would thoroughly recommend listening to at the first one. Jesus is a man where your opinion of him matters greatly!

Part 1: Is Jesus the only God?

Part 2: How Human Was Jesus?

Part 3: What did Jesus accomplish on the cross?

Part 4: Did Jesus rise from death?

Part 5: Where is Jesus today?

Part 6: What will Jesus do upon His return?

Part 7: Why should we worship Jesus?

Part 8: What makes Jesus superior to other saviors?

Part 9: How did people know Jesus was coming?

Part 10: Why did Jesus come to earth?

Part 11: Why did Jesus’ mom need to be a virgin?

Part 12: What difference has Jesus made in history?

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