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DECC my2050 launched

So a project I’ve been working on at Delib went live yesterday: My2050 is game intended to raise awareness about energy demand and consumption, and the long terms effects…

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I heart my city – B-Open showcase

Friday saw the showcase of Delib’s B-Open project in collaboration with Bristol City Council and Media Sandbox. For the past 5 months we’ve been looking at Open Data produced by…

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Delib B-Open Exhibition preparation

Delib are presenting at the Watershed tomorrow and our exhibition is taking shape. We’ve been working with Bristol City Council and Media Sandbox as part of the B-Open project, looking…

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5 Things we learned from UK GovCamp 11

A summary of the things Delib learnt at GovCamp. Open-source, open-data, ideas-sharing, etc.

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‘Your Freedom’ National Dialogue Launch

The coalition government are launching their first major policy crowdsourcing initiative today aimed at gathering ideas from the public as to which laws they think should be reformed on the…

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What Twitter is saying about ‘Your Freedom’

Unsurprisingly, the launch of has been accompanied by a significant amount of Twitter activity, with people talking about the site’s existence, sharing ‘interesting’ ideas and making known their feelings…

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Spreading Freedom with widgets

Within a few hours of the Your Freedom dialogue/crowd-sourcing site launching, we’re already seeing the ideas being distributed on sites via widgets. Here are a couple that we particularly like:…

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