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Who says you’re any good?

I’ve been reading Andy’s post on “What makes good?” and it’s got me thinking about what or who determines whether something is “good”. Andy’s post is a philosophy on how…

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Bath openMIC #4 – Mobile Web, HTML5 and CSS3

Yesterday, I attended the Open Mobile Innovation Camp at the innovation centre in Bath. The event was hosted by Chris Book and had talks from Giles Turnball (Freelance Journalist), Bruce…

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What do you think?

A common design question that’s asked ‘What do you think?’. A question we often ask when presenting design ideas or when the product is publicly launched. The anticipated outcome of that question is often expected to be a lateral answer…

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Oops, Sorry, Whoops, Oh Pants

We all make mistakes – that’s life! But how should we own up to it? Whose fault is it? Carsonified have a great blog article about this very issue –…

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Customer experience vs User experience

I read an interesting article today that made me think again about user experience. At Digerati Studio we pride ourselves on user centred design. That means when we design anything…

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A good user experience

Music is always a hit and miss user experience! Some people make you want to die from the pain experienced when they play an instrument! However, some people leave you…

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When will people learn…….

At Digerati Studio Limited we value very highly User Centred Design. The design of a website, web application, mobile phone etc. should be centred around the user so that they…

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