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Super Mario

The Mario Bros have been entertaining millions for 30 years now! Appearing first as “Jumpman” in a handheld Donkey Kong game (Check out this incredible Flash remake) The internet also…

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Why Pancake Day?

It’s Shrove Tuesday today and that can mean only one thing – PANCAKES! We love pancakes, but what’s the story behind them? Why do we have this day every year? Shrove…

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People are AWESOME

If you want to make a guaranteed viral hit, then you need these simple ingredients: 1) Awesome – available in bottled form from all good agencies 2) Creativity / Originality…

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WordPress 3.1 is released

WordPress 3.1 has been released and is named Reinhardt after legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Some of the notable new features include: New Site Admin bar – a new admin bar has…

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Dec 20 2010

2011 – The Year of Internet TV?

Internet TV has seen a rise this year with ITV and Channel4 both improving their streaming services, YouTube providing content from UK channels, BBC iPlayer updates including social sharing as…

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Who says you’re any good?

I’ve been reading Andy’s post on “What makes good?” and it’s got me thinking about what or who determines whether something is “good”. Andy’s post is a philosophy on how…

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Jul 14 2010

Designing what matters

Don’t be fooled by the title, this article is not a grammatical error, but an exploration into the design challenges faced when seeking to engage and initiate a dialogue. We’ve…

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Bath openMIC #4 – Mobile Web, HTML5 and CSS3

Yesterday, I attended the Open Mobile Innovation Camp at the innovation centre in Bath. The event was hosted by Chris Book and had talks from Giles Turnball (Freelance Journalist), Bruce…

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E3 relaunch National Curriculum website

Next year sees the launch of an entirely new Primary School National Curriculum. Our friends at E3 have been working with the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) and the…

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Jan 29 2010

Google Xistence

Are you struggling to keep up with all the latest web trends in social media? Fear not, sign up to Google Xistence and it will live your life for you….

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