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At the Viral Ad Network we love a good read! Our book shelves are laden with the best writings from the worlds of development, advertising, design, business and more. Some…

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What will the New Year bring?

It’s a new year, and according to pop-culture, a new decade! But what will we see, hear, smell, taste in these new times? Well fortunately there’s an App book for…

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Vintage Jesus

Vintage Jesus is a 12 part sermon series from Mars Hill church that asks the question “Who is Jesus?”. The series explores the issues of who he is from what…

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Apr 8 2009 is a nice website for book lovers. You can add books you’ve read, reading and wish to read. I particularly like this site more than others as it has…

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Mars Hill Resources for Men

This is another great Blog entry from Mars Hill with resources for men. There’s a wealth of sermons, lectures, video clips, articles and books for guys (or dudes as they…

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Great Books: Marriage & Family

I’m a big fan of Mark Driscoll and all he’s doing over in Seattle at Mars Hill Church. is a resource for christians with plenty of blog articles and…

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