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Why Pancake Day?

It’s Shrove Tuesday today and that can mean only one thing – PANCAKES! We love pancakes, but what’s the story behind them? Why do we have this day every year? Shrove…

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Jun 10 2009

Northampton Kids Conference

Sarah and I were away last weekend at Northampton Kingdom Life Church for a children’s worker conference. We went with Dave and Raych and had a great time. The highlight…

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Living hope church PA

The Pa for living hope church came today! I’m part way through putting it together and setting up an awesome rig that will serve us for years to come!

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Vintage Jesus

Vintage Jesus is a 12 part sermon series from Mars Hill church that asks the question “Who is Jesus?”. The series explores the issues of who he is from what…

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Apr 24 2009

Living Hope Church Bath

Living Hope Church Bath is a great church. They are part of the New Frontiers family of churches. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter Check out the website…

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