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When will people learn…….

At Digerati Studio Limited we value very highly User Centred Design. The design of a website, web application, mobile phone etc. should be centred around the user so that they…

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Oct 17 2006

The biggest blog in history!

Biggest blog in history

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Oct 10 2006

Google buys You Tube

Well……..The rumours quickly turned into reality as Google announced their $1.65bn takeover of You Tube Video Sharing Network. This is a big step and gamble for Google who are quickly…

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Oct 5 2006

How much do we trust Windows?

I recently returned from my honeymoon in Margarita Island, South America. On flying to my destination, I noticed the in flight entertainment booting up and took an interest into reading…

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Norwich Pioneers Free City Wi-Fi

It’s happened…….England has taken a leaf out of America’s book and embraced free city wide Wi-Fi internet access. However, as a country we are not unfamiliar with the prospect of…

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Aug 15 2006

Moving House – link

I found this and it made me laugh! Is included in Time’s 50 coolest sites of 2005

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Aug 15 2006

Moving House

I’m getting married in 3 weeks time, and have just moved house from my all male shared house, to my new house where I will be living with my future…

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The growth of the mobile device

As a web developer, I am all too familiar with building sites for, as until recently, the main source for viewing websites…….the desktop computer. However, the mobile phone handset is…

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May 26 2006

The future of lectures

Having graduated from university I am all too familiar with long boring lectures and living with the frustration of limited contact time with lecturers. However, as a BBC news article…

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Multi-browser web development

Its true what they say – “You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please…

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