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DECC my2050 launched

So a project I’ve been working on at Delib went live yesterday:

My2050 is game intended to raise awareness about energy demand and consumption, and the long terms effects this will have on our environment. Scientists have forecast that the UK should reduce carbon emissions to 20% by the year 2050. In this game, you can change supply and demand that has an affect on carbon emissions. These sliders use real life data and as they’re changed, the surrounding environment animations also change.

The game was launched at midnight yesterday and has been very well received. On the day of launch the site had over 35,000 hits, almost 1,000 Facebook likes and over 200 tweets. The BBC also featured the site and was their No. 1 most read article.

The game is part of DECC’s 2050 Pathway’s Debate. There are multiple events happening this week and next with a panel of 8 energy experts, see the DECC site for more details and get involved.

Finally, if you haven’t already, have a go of my2050 and submit your My2050 World!

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