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‘Your Freedom’ National Dialogue Launch

The coalition government are launching their first major policy crowdsourcing initiative today aimed at gathering ideas from the public as to which laws they think should be reformed on the internet:

The initiative is being led by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and builds on the Deputy Prime Minister’s promise in his first speech that – as part of the coalition Government’s drive to create a more open politics – the public would be consulted on which laws they think should be repealed.

This is the first time the Coalition government has run an online crowdsourcing project of this nature and on this scale. We’re really excited that the government is using our Dialogue App to run the project – and we’re particularly excited to see how today, being launch day, unfolds. We’ll hopefully be adding some thoughts, observations and useful things to this post throughout the day. You should be able to find all the official info and updates you might want from the Cabinet Office:

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