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What Twitter is saying about ‘Your Freedom’

Unsurprisingly, the launch of has been accompanied by a significant amount of Twitter activity, with people talking about the site’s existence, sharing ‘interesting’ ideas and making known their feelings about both the process and the site.  So far, there have been over 2,500 tweets about the site, with the link to the site shared on twitter more than 1,000 times today.

To date, the top trending tweets of ideas submitted are:

Save Britain’s Digital Economy by Repealing the Digital Economy Act — HMG – Your Freedom

Gift Aid reform for charities — HMG – Your Freedom

Repeal excessive construction warning signs legislation — HMG – Your Freedom

The chart below shows the breakdown of tweets by country:

Chart showing number of tweets per country.  Top 2 are United Kingdom with 939 and United States with 93. 194 tweets are shared across 14 other locations.

Revisit is a nice way to visualise the shape of coverage on Twitter:

It shows a noticeable spike a bit after 5pm, which is pretty typical – 9am and 12.30pm are normally also peak times.

I guess we’ll wait to see what this evening and tomorrow bring…

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