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Sep 2 2009

What’s new? My Job!

logo_case_study_appAs you may or may not know, I’ve been looking for work over the past month. Unfortuantely, Digerati Studio is no more….! A sign of the times and another victim of the credit crunch. I became part of the growing statistic of unemployment in England. It was a real bummer as it came at a time when Sarah and I had planned to have for holiday, so were worried that we would not get a break!

But, thanks to God’s provision, I have a job and we had a lovely holiday away in Northern Cyprus. I am now working for an exciting digital agency based in Bristol called Team Rubber. I will be responsible for their front development. I’m really enjoying working in Bristol and this is a great opportunity which I’m really grateful to God for.

Our holiday was great and I shall blog about it soon. Northern Cyrus is very hot and beautiful, but also full of interesting history and tense politics!

Back to work!

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