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Oct 20 2008

More top iPhone apps

Following my post on my top 10 iPhone apps, I thought I would update it with a few more apps I’m enjoying at the moment!

This is in no particular order this time!

Touch Hockey – I knew it was only a matter of time until someone released a 2-player ice hockey game! You can play two players on one screen or even play over a network, as well as single player vs the computer. Its a nice little app and fun to use, the controls are not as smooth as they could be, but I’m sure this will be improved with updates.

Download Touch Hockey

Lux Touch – I’ve been a fan of Lux for the mac for a while now and was really pleased to see a version released for the iphone. This is basic in comparison to the mac app but be expectant to see further updates with multiple maps and varying difficulty settings.

Download Lux Touch

iBowl – SGN the makers of iGolf have released iBowl and iBaseball, the former being the better of the two. iBowl follows the same theme of iGolf but this time for ten pin bowling. This is very enjoyable and possibly better than iGolf!

Download iBowl

Around Me – this app is similar to Locly but has a better interface. I use this alongside Locly rather than a replacement. Very good for returning local information, I used this on my recent trip to Milan and it proved very useful!

Download Around Me

Vegas Pool Sharks – A fun pool game. It has various opponents but this is a lite version so the winner is the first to pot 3 balls – which can happen from break off! So quick games!

Download Vegas Pool Sharks

Fring – This is a great instant messenger app that includes the ability to voice call contacts as well as text based messaging. I now use this instead of IM+.

Download Fring

PanoLab – This app caught my eye as it creates 3D panoramic environments by aligning photos from your iPhone camera. It is a very clever interface and works very well, however I did manage to break it getting stuck on an axis. A very clever and well produced app – and it’s free!

Download PanoLab

I’m still waiting for Apple and Adobe to shake hands and agree on a release of Flash for the iPhone. This is probably the one thing that gives competitors of the iPhone an edge, as well as turn based GPS navigation. There have been mutterings around the web of Flash and turn based GPS nav on iPhone but nothing has appeared as yet. I will be joining the host of iPhone users that are eagerly anticipating these releases.

Thanks for the people who commented on my last post. One question was asked about Shazam – a similar app to Midomi that I mentioned. Shazam is probably a better app than Midomi for identifying music from the radio, but the reason I picked Midomi over Shazam is Midomi’s ability to find music from singing the song into your iPhone. It’s an extra fun bit of functionality that makes the app enjoyable to use rather that simply functional!

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