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Sep 19 2008

Robin’s Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

At Digerati Studio we are fond admirers of Apple. We use Apple computers in our design, development, management, networking and even entertainment!

So the introduction of the new Apple iPhone 3G caused great stir among us and now owning one they have become integral to our working and social lifestyle.

Here I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free apps I am using at the moment:

10. Tape Measure

This is a great little app for when you need a ruler and don’t have one to hand! It has centimetres and inches – changing between the units of measurement is good fun too!

Download here

9. Remote

Apple’s first app is really useful and fun for muting the music in the office you don’t like! I’m looking to use this at home and create multi-room audio with airport!

Download here

8. ifooty

As a football fan I love this app – I can keep up to date with live scores and also all the latest news. All the data is pulled from the bbc site. A good improvement would be to push info to the app to notify of new score updates or news feeds.

Download here

7. is a great service and this handy iphone app is cool too. You can listen to any artist from a huge collection and then listen to music that is similar. This streams well, although is a bit glitchy for me sometimes.

Download here

6. IM+

This is a handy universal IM client that works with most IM services. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. Again, this app would benefit greatly from running in the background.

Download here

5. Dactyl

Frustratingly fun game of bomb diffusion! My highest score is 107 at the moment!

Download here

4. Labyrinth Lite

This app showcases the accelerometer capabilities of the iphone. Works really well!

Download here

3. Midomi

This app is the perfect pub quiz app.

“Oh what’s that song on the radio….the one that goes da da da da!”

This app records a sample of audio and returns the singer and song. I love the alternative version of singing the chorus into the iphone and seeing what returns! This is surprisingly accurate, although doesn’t have a huge back catalogue – works best with pop songs!

Download here

2. igolf

This app comes with a health warning for you and your iphone! This is the equivalent of wii golf for the iPhone. Konrad currently has the furthest drive of 545 yards although Stuart claims its invalid because he didn’t use a double-handed swing!

Download here

1. Locly

This is a really cool app. It finds your current location and provides information on local events, restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, taxis, cinemas, museums, hotels, banks and petrol stations. It integrates beautifully with Google maps to provide you with directions.

The app also contains Flickr images, Wikipedia articles and local twitters. Great and useful app. This works well in Bath but would be interested how it does across the country!

There we have it – please contact us with your thoughts on your personal favorite iPhone apps.

Download here

Robin and his shiney new iPhone 3G

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  1. Hey nice review of the apps, I am in fact loving some of the games for the iphone especially spore 😉

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