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Apr 13 2007

Attention to detail

At Digerati Studio we love user centred design. Before drawing anything, we focus on the user and how they will use the website, product etc. Therefore, we need to pay close attention to detail as every user journey needs to be taken into account.

I saw a great example of this from Google today. On Google Maps there are huge potential of possible journeys. One that I thought would not be technically possible to create proved me wrong…….!

See instruction 23!


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  1. Your lips will swell if you swim that far Robin. What if digerati had come up with Google maps? Would you have supplied each user with a tub of vaseline to prevent swelling if you were to allow atlantic swims to be part of trips? That would be very user-centered. I guess the obvious answer is to not allow a user to plot a epic swim into their journey.



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