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Mar 28 2007

We love Apple……..but maybe not these…..

I read a good article in Mac Format this month. Barry Morse wrote in to comment about the new advertising campaign by Apple. You know, “I’m a mac, and I’m a PC”. In the adverts, the Mac is presented as a cool, trendy, “normal” type of guy. Whereas the PC is portrayed as geeky, bumbling and a little confused!

Barry Morse highlights how Apple users are a proud bunch who love their Macs! We agree that Apple is one of the world’s best companies for driving innovation whilst maintaining excellent usability and solid systems. However, the new adverts, though funny, do employ a sense of childish playground taunting. Barry Morse and Mac Format show the need for Apple to “Move on. Become like most people who choose to use an Apple computer – professional.”

Following on from this, I was gracefully reminded that the “world’s best company for innovation” also released some hideous products!

This article contains the Top 10 Apple products which flopped. It’s good to remember that even super-powers such as Apple have some embaressing products they’d rather not associate with their brand!

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