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May 26 2006

The future of lectures

Having graduated from university I am all too familiar with long boring lectures and living with the frustration of limited contact time with lecturers. However, as a BBC news article reports, a microbiology lecturer in West Yorkshire University is utilising technology to make the most of his time help resource his students. He has abolished the traditional lecture in favour for a podcast, supplemented by a blog that answers questions that are sent to him through SMS or email! This frees his time to meet individually and in smaller groups with his students!

A definite breakthrough and an excellent example of technology being embraced and used to its potential in education. It seems that the students who prefer their bed to the lecture hall, have finally won!

Read the article here

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  1. Great article find Robin. Of course the question here is whether this will actually be used to free up time to spend with smaller groups of students or if technology will, as usual, be used to merely save effort and not give that effort better application.


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